Danny Knight

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Director & Production/Marketing

(director: Remnance; producing & marketing staff) 

Daniel Knight is an actor/musician/comedian/writer/director and correspondent for the satirical newspaper The Feather. He has attended and graduated from Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre’s Circle of Voices program, youth ensemble, red spirit and fire spirit programs. He held an artist residency at Persephone Theatre where he studied script work, sound design, administration,marketing and acting. His acting credits include; Thunderstick (Globe Theatre), The Shortcuts Festival 2016 (Hardly Art Theatre), Dominion (GTNT), A History of Breathing (Persphone Theatre), Hawk or How he learned to play his song (Onelight Theatre). His directing credits include, leave it to weavers (GTNT), mekiwin the gift (GTNT), Remance (burnt thicket theatre), and The Feather’s season one (APTN). Daniel Knight is also a winner of the Mathew Murray invitational tournament, the dog house comedy smack down and a showcase winner of the comedy lab. He produces and cohosts the Funny Bone Schmomedy Zone with Shawn Cuthand.