Venue: The Refinery

Winter 2025 - Dates TBA

The Unplugging by Yvette Nolan

Winter 2025 - Dates TBA 
The Refinery in Saskatoon
Saskatchewan Premiere

When all the world’s technology ceases to function, it is time to find a new way of living—or an old way. Two women—exiled for being too old to bear children, trudge across the desolate winter prairie, clinging to traditional wisdom for survival. A charismatic stranger appears, seeking their aid, but will they share their knowledge of the past and provide hope for the future to the community that branded them “useless”?

“…The Unplugging is so funny, smart, and nuanced…” –The Snipe, Vancouver

“…a gentle, emotional, immediate morality tale…timely, fascinating, and necessary.” –Toronto Star

Tickets and More Info coming soon!

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