Donny Speidel


Donald Speidel has been active on the powwow circuit as a dancer, singer and a renowned public speaker and Master of Ceremonies at cultural and corporate events across North America. He is a recognized Lakota knowledge keeper, and traditional practitioner. An experienced educator, he has expertise in First Nations’ bilingual, bicultural and cultural responsive education for all ages. He has worked in support of institutions such as Saskatoon City Police, FSIN, University of Saskatchewan, Kilburn Hall Youth Centre, White Buffalo Youth Lodge, SIIT and many more. Donald is the owner/manager of Buffalo Boys productions, known for its First Nations dance theatre performances re-enacting events like the Northwest Mounted Police Arrival at Fort Carlton, the 1882 meeting of Chief Whitecap and John Lake, and the Dakota Commemoration of the War of 1812. He is passionate about First Nations revitalization and advancing good relations among all of Saskatchewan’s treaty people by providing information, ideas and tools to help develop culturally responsive schools, workplaces and service delivery. He also has an important role with the Saskatoon Public School Division, where he ensures programming is inclusive of First Nation and Metis culture.