Johanna Arnott

(director: You Said We’d Be Together Forever)

Johanna (she/her) is a multidisciplinary theatre artist who works primarily as an actor, writer, and stage manager. Recently she made her directorial debut with Antifa Supersoldier written by Caleigh Crow for the 2021 Short Cuts Festival. Johanna had an absolute blast directing and she’s thankful to have the opportunity to do it again. Other theatre credits include: The Last Children (SM; Curtain Razors Theatre), Shadows Among the Prairies (SM; GTNT), The Art of War (SM; Hardly Art Theatre), Short Cuts 2020 (actor; Hardly Art Theatre), The Winter’s Tale (actor; Bridge Theatre Co.), and The Wolves (actor; littleBIG Theatre & Evilstick Productions). When she’s not working in theatre, Johanna can be found taking part in the thrilling sport of knitting.