We Treaty People CFCR radio broadcast premiere

May 3, 2023

We're celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of We Treaty People and CFCR is joining us to give our series plays for the ear its radio broadcast premiere!

Tune 90.5FM every Thursday from May 11 to July 6 from 7:00-7:30PM to hear one of the nine original audio plays, along with excerpts from the artists' interviews. Those outside Saskatoon can listen live from anywhere at: https://cfcr.ca/onair. Scroll down to see broadcast schedule.

“CFCR is proud to be airing We Treaty People on our Community Radio airwaves. We hope it will help foster conversations among both Indigenous and non-Indigenous residents in our community, about what it means to live on treaty land.” –Jay Allen, CFCR Program Director

From satire to sci-fi, We Treaty People finds innovative ways to tell stories rooted in hard truths with the hope of sparking crucial conversations. The series was nominated for both the Innovation and Trailblazer Awards at the 2023 Saskatoon and Area Theatre Awards.

Over 49 Canadian artists from different treaty territories and backgrounds came together to create this series, and curated suggestions for how you can learn more and take action.

“I’m so grateful for the way We Treaty People uses theatre to animate difficult conversations around Truth and Reconciliation. It provides a platform for digging deeper into this journey in a way that is supportive and engaging. I highly recommend it for anyone on the path of creating a better relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, addressing racism and digging into our own unconscious biases.” Carrie Catherine, Manager of Community Reconciliation, Reconciliation Saskatoon

Thank you to all who have supported us during the creation process of We Treaty People!

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May you be inspired to spark hopeful change as you listen!

We Treaty People CFCR 90.5FM Broadcast Dates - airing weekly at 7:00-7:30PM:

May 11th - The Yard With the Old Plow by Shanda Stefanson

A rural couple finds a young man in need of help one bitter, winter morning... and are surprised at the differences they discover between themselves. 
May 18th - Flag by Yvette Nolan

Caught at the intersection of sorrow and our nations’ symbols, two strangers find themselves at odds over questions of how soon is too soon, how much is enough? 
May 25th - You Said We’d Be Together Forever by Amanda Trapp

Sifting through romantic facades and broken promises, a couple finds out what they truly long for. 
June 1st - Do You Remember? by Joelle Peters

Separated by life’s forks in the road, childhood friends are reunited by grief. Old wounds strain the bonds they built in years past, despite their desire to reconnect. Sometimes to move forward, we must take a step back.
June 8th - Remnance by Curtis Peeteetuce

In a dystopian future, adrift in space, Commander Trem Lylin archives listeners calling in to share their final thoughts about the current state of humanity – while they still can.
June 15th - The Final Inquiry by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

Ceremony, tradition, and fraud. In an imagined future a capricious girl prepares for her symbolic role in annual rites that renew commitments to inquests of old. Will she toe the line?
June 22nd - Taken Before Birth by Jennifer Dawn Bishop

The eyes of a child deconstruct the world in ways that the older and wiser haven’t even contemplated. When tucking in his granddaughter, a man is struck by a loaded question.
June 29th - Coffee Talk by Marcel Petit 
Coffee, cookies and a conversation about being. Two friends wrestle with what treaty even means as they share a cuppa Joe. 
July 6th - Land by Stephen Waldschmidt

In the midst of spring seeding, a farmer is interrupted by the landowner. New voices join the fray, but what can break up entrenched opinions and cultivate common ground?

More about We Treaty People

As a company we are seeking to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Call To Action #83, to support good ways “for Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists to undertake collaborative projects and produce works that contribute to the reconciliation process.” We are mindful also of the Calls For Justice from the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, particularly #6.1 which urges artists and arts producers to “take decolonizing approaches to their work” and to “support Indigenous people sharing their stories, from their perspectives, free of bias, discrimination, and false assumptions, and in a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive way.”

We are committed to creating spaces for diverse artists to be honest and open about their experiences and perspectives even when those views don't necessarily represent those of Burnt Thicket Theatre as an organization. We invite you as an audience member to lean in to hear those who are different from you, to be brave and to allow the space between all of us to be one of respect.

This project is made possible by a Digital Now Grant from Canada Council for the Arts, and by our major sponsors Shercom Industries, SK Arts, and Creative Saskatchewan.

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