Volunteer position available as Treasurer on our Board of Directors

November 28, 2020

Here’s an opportunity to get more involved with Burnt Thicket Theatre as Treasurer on our Board of Directors.

Term: 2 Years
Meeting Frequency: Bi-Monthly

Overall Responsibilities

Burnt Thicket Theatre is looking for a Treasurer to join the Board of Directors. The Treasurer will work closely with the President and Bookkeeper in overviewing monthly financial statements for the Board of Directors, present the financial statements at Board Meetings, authorize payments as one of two signatories, and oversee receipting charitable donations and submission of annual charity return to CRA. The past Treasurer is available as a resource.

Requirements of the Board of Directors:

  • Be dedicated to the vision, mission, values and mandate of Burnt Thicket Theatre.
  • Attend all meetings of the Board and any committees in which he/she is apart.
  • Be responsible for discharging his/her duties in good faith.
  • Serve as an ambassador for Burnt Thicket Theatre in the Saskatoon and beyond.
  • Undertake responsibilities in a manner the Director reasonably believes to be in the best interest of Burnt Thicket Theatre.
  • Make a meaningful financial contribution to Burnt Thicket Theatre.

To Apply

Please send resume and letter of interest to Stephen Waldschmidt, Artistic Director stephen@burntthicket.com or call Stephen at 306-222-9226, or Carol Tebay, Board President caroltebay@gmail.com for further information on this position or Burnt Thicket Theatre.

The candidate may be asked to provide the Board President with a resume and an outline of why they want to participate on the Board including information about what they would contribute in terms of network, business experience/expertise, past volunteer involvement, fundraising, etc. If the candidate appears to meet the requirements for the Board and Treasurer position, they will be invited to an interview. In the interview, the Board President will provide more information about Burnt Thicket Theatre and the responsibilities of the Board. The candidate should be prepared to ask questions and to respond to getting to know you” questions.

Upon approval of a candidate by the Board President and Artistic Director, the Board President will advise the Board of the intent to nominate the candidate for approval at the next Board meeting.

New board members may be elected to the Board throughout the year as the Board and candidates see fit, although they need to be ratified at an AGM or special members meeting.

About Us

Burnt Thicket Theatre is an independent company producing live theatre that brings awareness to real issues in our community, planting seeds for positive social change. Our vision is a world of hopeful people who know their value in the midst of brokenness and who work together towards a shared future marked by justice, equality and love. Our mission is to tell stories that change peoples lives. Our values, or how we pursue that mission, are community, excellence, respect, integrity, and wholeness. Our mandate is to enliven [restore life to] audiences through meaningful performance; via a community of artists creating new and reimagined theatre works; leading artists and audiences to live more intentionally for the common good of all. Read more about us here.

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