Teaser Trailer for We Are the Body, Now Join Us in the Rehearsal Hall

January 31, 2015

Burnt Thicket Theatre is thrilled to launch our “Join Us In the Rehearsal Hall” campaign by releasing the Teaser for WE ARE THE BODY by Andrew Kooman! Created by our media sponsor Unveil Studios, it features Heather Pattengale, David Snider, and John McIver. Get your tickets for the World Premiere Tour and let’s bring this enlivening story to life!

Get Involved: Let’s Bring This Enlivening Story To Life

We-Are-the-Body-script-photoIn April final preparations for the World Premiere of Andrew Kooman’s newest play WE ARE THE BODY will begin. Last minute adjustments will be made to designs, costumes fitted, sets constructed, the director, stage manager and actors will gather around the script and fill prompt books with notes.

A vital conversation about suffering and the human right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion…

In solitary confinement behind the Iron Curtain of post-war Romania, Elsie’s only companions are two other prisoners she cannot touch or see, tortured like her for their beliefs. They tap out messages in Morse code, triggering memories from Elsie’s former life, especially her love affair before the war. Past and present collide in this story that engages audiences in a vital conversation about the suffering of marginalized populations and the human right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.


WE ARE THE BODY Tickets & Details

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AUDIENCE ADVISORY: This show is not suitable for children.


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  • Donations over $250 will receive one advance ticket to an opening night performance in the tour city of your choice.
  • Donations over $500 will receive two advance tickets and an invitation for two to a pre-production run through.

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